Lake of Clustered Stars

Written by Anthony Santa Teresa

Hudson House Press

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“Paek’s colorful illustrations are an alluring addition to the book—there’s a surreal quality to them that pairs perfectly with the folklore backbone of the volume. The only caveat? There should be more images, because they’re so lovely to look at.”-Kirkus Reviews

“You’ll be cheering Jamie along on his journey through the beautiful Catskills; it’s lakes and waterfalls. Lake of Clustered Stars is a wonderful fantasy that will enthrall readers both young and old.”-J.E.Rogers,award winning author of  The Gift of  Sunderland.

“A worthy addition to any child’s home or school library.”-Hilary Hawkes,Reader’s Favorite



The Silence of Nellie

Nellie series

Written by Kitty Sullivan

Friesen Press

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